Why Do People Get Divorced?

divorceWithin the United States, roughly 42% of all divorces end in marriage. For those entering second marriages, the odds are even higher, with almost 60% ending in divorce.

Here are four of the most common reasons couples get divorced:

1. Financial Disagreements
A recent study illustrated that couples who argue over financial matters at least once a week are 30% more likely to get divorced, as compared to those who argue over it a few times a month. Indeed, finances can create a great divide in typical marital bliss. Money is a difficult matter, because not only is it necessary to survive and make ends meet, but it also have cultural implications of one’s self worth and value. And when family and children are involved, finances become even more of a pressure and a strain.

2. Lack of Intimacy
When asked in mediation groups, approximately 25% of individuals attribute their impending divorce to affairs. While affairs may be the issue at hand, infidelity is often symptomatic of larger issues, such as a lack of intimacy. In fact, in the same mediation group, 80% of individuals attributed their divorce to a lack of intimacy. When spouses no longer feel intimate with their partner, they may seek validation and comfort outside of their marriage.

3. Poor Communication
As marriages grow and change, so do the people involved in these marriages. However, when spouses fail to communicate their wants and needs to one another, this often leads to a fallout, ultimately leading to divorce or legal separation.

4. Boredom
Generally speaking, boredom is cited as a common reason for divorce. Among the baby boomer generation, a new trend of divorce is taking place. So much in fact, that the media has began labeling it “gray divorces.” Typically, these divorces take place when the couples’ children have moved out and the individuals within the marriage are finally able to retire, leaving them with the financial resources and the time to explore the world and rediscover themselves, as well as a sense of excitement.

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Divorce can be a painful and difficult life decision for anyone to make that can transpire for a number of reasons. This legal process is not exactly uncommon either; in the United States, almost 50% of married couples end up divorcing. Some of the more common reasons, as listed in mediation therapy sessions, are affairs and deterioration of intimacy. Additionally, it’s reported that 30% of couples who argue about finances on a weekly basis are destined to go their separate ways.

Remaining Calm During a Custody Case

While many couples hope that they will be with their spouse forever, approximately 42% of U.S. marriages end in divorce. It is important that couples going through such a stressful time have a reliable support system in their family, friends, and legal counsel. This is especially true when there are children who will be affected by the divorce, as family law is complicated and nuanced. A trusted attorney will be able to help couples navigate their divorce with as little difficulty as possible.

Gallatin Family Lawyer Helps Secure Grandparents’ Child Custody Rights

While it’s the biological parents who carry the primary duty of caring for their offspring, non-parent guardians and other family relatives also play a great role in a child’s development. The state of Tennessee recognizes their importance, which is why grandparents in particular have visitation privileges, and at times even the right to take custody of the child. The Tennessee law puts a premium on the child’s well-being over parental ties, which is why grandparents can be given the responsibilities of legal guardianship depending on the circumstances.


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In January 1, 2012, a Tennessee legislation went into effect allowing police officers to force a blood draw regardless of whether the drivers consent to it, provided that they have a prior DUI conviction, or if they have a child under the age of 16 with them inside the vehicle. An Action News 5 article by Lauren Squires showed this particular legislation in action. Below is an excerpt from the news report:

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