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3 Interesting Facts About Adultery and Divorce

Statistically speaking, 42% of all marriages end in divorce. And for second marriages, the chances are even higher, with 60% of all second time around nuptials ending in a split. And let’s face it, no one actually wants to get divorced. Divorce is a painful and often costly affair that can have negative effects on your family, children and emotional well-being.

familySo that being said, why does divorce happen in the first place? According to stats, a number of factors contribute to splits. But above all reasons, an alarming 25% of people in mediation groups say that their split happened because of an affair. And it’s likely that you’re not surprised. From media to real life, infidelity is all around us. It’s portrayed as seductive and taboo all at once, yet only those who have experienced it know how destructive it can be. For this reason, many people going through divorce after an incident of adultery often need a divorce attorney to help the split go as amicably as possible for the family’s sake.

Want to learn more about adultery? Check out these three fascinating facts:

Some people might be more genetically inclined to cheat
You might have heard people talking about a “cheating gene” before. But as far-fetched at it sounds, there is some scientific backing to the thought. Researchers have found that there are links between a certain thrill-seeking gene and cheating. Individuals with a variant of the DRD4 gene are more likely to have a history of one-night stands and infidelity. This same gene variant is also linked with gambling and alcohol addiction.

Those who have been cheated on are shown to adapt
While there’s nothing more painful than being scorned, research suggests that those who fall victim to cheating partners end up better for it in the end. In one of the largest studies of breakups ever conducted, an anonymous online survey of over 5,000 individuals from 96 countries revealed that those who were cheated on ultimately cultivated a “higher mating intelligence.”

Cheating might be a family trait
Another study suggests that cheating might lay in our family history. In a poll of over 2,000 people, half of men who reported cheating on their partners that that someone on the male side of their family cheated in the past. Similarly, three-quarters of women who were unfaithful reported that cheating occurred on the female side of their family. This informal yet powerful study shows how adultery can be a learned behavior, incited by nature moreso than nurture.

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