About Kenneth J. Phillips, Attorney in Sumner County, Tennessee

Ken Phillips Family Law is a firm dedicated to helping your family get through divorce or any family law issue.

shutterstock_223925239_bb-300x200The focus of our practice is divorce and family law, so we are experts in it. We’ve worked through almost every issue, problem and obstacle that can come up in divorce and family law cases.

At Ken Phillips Family Law, we believe preserving the family for the future is important. If there are children, remember that they are the connection between you and your partner for life. And there will be times (graduations, births, holidays, etc.) when you must still function as a family. This is even more sensitive if new spouses or significant others are in the picture.

In our practice, Ken Phillips is your lead attorney. He personally works on your case. Yes, his staff does assist him, but that’s “assist.” Ken does the casework.

In addition to Ken, every person in the firm will get to know you. In the rare instance that Ken is not available, you will likely talk with Ken’s assistant, Candice, or Ken’s paralegal, Angela. Everyone at Ken Phillips Family Law is dedicated to helping you.

Ken Phillips Family Law handles cases in Sumner County Family Court.

About Ken Phillips.

attorney Ken PhillipsKen Phillips has a love for helping people. You see that immediately when you meet him.

He wants to hear more than your case. He wants to hear your story. He’s compassionate to your issues and wants to help you solve them. He’s going to tell you the realities of your situation. While he isn’t combative, he will defend you vigorously against opposing counsel.

Ken’s philosophy of divorce has been shaped through life lessons outside of the law, in addition to his legal experience.

Working with divorcing couples who want to start anew brings other family issues forward. Because of this, he works with many issues to help preserve a sense of family for everyone involved. His areas of practice are listed here.

A broad network of trusted colleagues and friends both inside and outside the legal system provides Ken access to people and processes that other attorneys don’t have. This is can help get things done for your case in numerous ways.

Finally, Ken has something that many attorneys today have forgotten in the atmosphere of fighting for clients—being nice. He genuinely cares about you, your family and your situation. He wants to help.

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If you have any questions, you can reach Ken at:

Ken J. Phillips, Attorney
113 E. Main Street
Suite C
Gallatin, TN 37066
[email protected]

  • “Kenneth Phillips is the greatest attorney in Sumner County! Regardless of what situation you are in he will take care of you to the fullest. He saved me from losing my child and my freedom. Thank you personally, Mr. Phillips!”

    - Name Withheld for Privacy
  • “I just wanted to thank you for your help and compassion as I went through my divorce. I have and will continue to recommend you to my friends and family.”

    - Casey. C
  • “I would like to thank you and Angela again for the outstanding effort thus far in our case. The families and I really felt a great sense of security this weekend, the first time in quite a while. The thanks and appreciation are extended from the entire family.”

    - Name Withheld for Privacy
  • “I appreciate what you’ve done for me. You’ll never know how grateful I am.”

    - Dennis W.
  • “We are so lucky we found you. You have been such a blessing.”

    - Terry F Hendersonville, TN
  • “You’re the best attorney I’ve ever had!”

    - Mike P. Gallatin, TN
  • “I appreciate all the extra time and attention you devoted to my criminal case. It ended with a very positive outcome as a result.”

    - Kevin M, TN