Child Support

child-support-300x200Child support must be paid and cannot be refused. The decision on the amount paid is reached through calculations on a Child Support Worksheet.

Each parent’s gross income, the number of days of visitation for each parent, the amount, if any, paid by one parent for daycare, the amount, if any, paid by one parent for the children’s health insurance, and the amount, if any, of child support paid for other children all go into the Worksheet. Then the number that one parent will pay to the other is computed.

A judge can deviate from the final amount given if there is a good reason for doing so. This might be something such as one parent is paying a significant amount for transporting the children, significant medical bills or for school costs.

While the amount is worked out by computer on a worksheet, we can work with you to make sure the final amount is properly calculated. We can also state any special needs you have to the judge. We want what’s best for your children and your family.

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