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Single Parent Families with Children

JH came into my office a couple of weeks ago.  He’s about 23 years old and has a two year old child with his girlfriend.  They have never been married.  He told us that he was planning on moving to Florida sometime in the near future and he and his girlfriend had… Read more about Single Parent Families with Children

Have You Been Arrested in Gallatin, TN for DUI?

I have been told by clients on several occasions that they were arrested by the police for DUI after they were stopped, performed Field Sobriety Tests and/or gave blood, but never given their “Miranda” warnings; therefore, they felt like their arrest should be thrown out. Read more about DUI Issues in Gallatin, TN

Order of Protection Cases in Tennesee

Did you know that posting images and comments about someone in Social Media sites can work against you in an Order of Protection?

Interesting Facts about Order of Protection cases in Tennessee

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